Saturday, January 7, 2012

day three & four

So the last few days were a little bit of a non adventure.  Well, I mean non "new" adventure, driving in rush hour traffic in Austin Texas is always an adventure.
My mom had back surgery Thursday, so most of the day was spent in St Davids hospital.  Its an amazing thing, watching modern medicine and the sheer determination of the human body work together to heal oneself.  Five doctors, countless nurses and attending, all working with one common goal, to make sure this woman can walk and be pain free.  Sometimes not knowing anything but a name and patient number, these people put everything they know, everything they have, into making a complete stranger better.  The 24 hour shifts, taking time away from their families...just so my family will have more time together.  A true example of service about self (yes, that's the Rotarian coming out in me), and something today's generation can definitely learn from.  (that's the mom coming out in me)

As far as the procedure goes, nothing short of building the bionic woman.  Something about putting in steel cages and then flipping her over and putting in rods and fusions...far beyond my mere dealership lingo!  At some pointing we will be wondering what kind of car she is going to be able to transform into.  Definitely, will have to be a Ford though.  After six hours of metal works and two days of recovery things are looking good and we are hoping she will be home on Monday. 

So thank you for the patience as my resolution takes a slight detour and double thanks for all the prayers and notes.  God is good. 

Have a great weekend everyone and may you have a great adventure of your own!

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