Tuesday, January 3, 2012

day one

Okay, so day one was pretty easy in theory.  I had to create this blog site, there is my something new.  A bit of a challenge considering I have never done one. I mean I just started following blogs!  With so many options on who to use, what template, what colors, what fonts...its was sensor over load.  And then it got really bad, you mean I have to name it!? Crap. So after hours of thinking, searching the internet, I got really desperate and asked my teenage daughter for help.  Yeah, just got scarier!  Obviously, misson complete with much thanks to her and blogger.
And so, "the adventures of that girl" was born.  And the "that girl"...well I have a rather unique name and either no one can remember it, or pronounce it.  So often times it's, "what was that girl's name again?"  I figure this is easier and everyone can relate to being "that girl" in some form or another.


  1. looking forward to a daily dose!

  2. Best of luck on your new "adventures"!!

  3. Haha,,moving right along, Its gonna be great Cuz, looking forward to reading and following along, love ya