Saturday, January 7, 2012

day three & four

So the last few days were a little bit of a non adventure.  Well, I mean non "new" adventure, driving in rush hour traffic in Austin Texas is always an adventure.
My mom had back surgery Thursday, so most of the day was spent in St Davids hospital.  Its an amazing thing, watching modern medicine and the sheer determination of the human body work together to heal oneself.  Five doctors, countless nurses and attending, all working with one common goal, to make sure this woman can walk and be pain free.  Sometimes not knowing anything but a name and patient number, these people put everything they know, everything they have, into making a complete stranger better.  The 24 hour shifts, taking time away from their families...just so my family will have more time together.  A true example of service about self (yes, that's the Rotarian coming out in me), and something today's generation can definitely learn from.  (that's the mom coming out in me)

As far as the procedure goes, nothing short of building the bionic woman.  Something about putting in steel cages and then flipping her over and putting in rods and fusions...far beyond my mere dealership lingo!  At some pointing we will be wondering what kind of car she is going to be able to transform into.  Definitely, will have to be a Ford though.  After six hours of metal works and two days of recovery things are looking good and we are hoping she will be home on Monday. 

So thank you for the patience as my resolution takes a slight detour and double thanks for all the prayers and notes.  God is good. 

Have a great weekend everyone and may you have a great adventure of your own!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

day two

A quick trip to the grocery story gave me my motivation for today's adventure.  No, it wasn't saying ugly things to the lady with more than 10 items in the express lane (although it does really bug me), but rather all the red and white hearts already littering the isles reminding me of the fact that yes, valentines is coming and you my dear are still single.  Ive done blind dates, Ive been set up and Ive even asked out my fair share of men, but I have never joined a singles site.  So tonight, I did.

First off let me say I would like recant a previous comment about the stresses of creating blogs.  They have nothing and I mean nothing on creating a dating profile.  I sell things for a living, and I'm darn good at it.  But, but how am I going to do this?  I have to sell myself, but I know too much lol!  How do you take all the not so pretty things about you and make them pretty?  I figure the answer is, you don't.  Whether on a screen or in person, nothing is real until you're yourself.  So, I put in all the good, the bad and the ugly, created the best dang profile I have ever seen and hit send.

After a short wait my profile was approved and I was soon looking for Mr Right.  However, after reading the first few profiles, I have to say I was pretty disappointed.  Some of it was almost laughable until I realized that I was now in that group, might not want to laugh so loud.  Then, the terrible awful happened.  While looking thru my "matches", I recognized one of them.  It was a shocking moment, seeing my ex husbands face looking back at me.   And just like that, my dating profile was no more and on line dating ended as quietly as it had started for me.

So for now, lets call this a failure.  I think I will stick with the old fashion dating.  Horrible pick up lines, sweaty palms and awkward moments suddenly dont seem so bad.  I think I'll just enjoy things the way they are and take it all like I always do, with a good sense of humor and a great glass of wine.  Here is to all the single ladies...and especially to those who are happy that way!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

day one

Okay, so day one was pretty easy in theory.  I had to create this blog site, there is my something new.  A bit of a challenge considering I have never done one. I mean I just started following blogs!  With so many options on who to use, what template, what colors, what fonts...its was sensor over load.  And then it got really bad, you mean I have to name it!? Crap. So after hours of thinking, searching the internet, I got really desperate and asked my teenage daughter for help.  Yeah, just got scarier!  Obviously, misson complete with much thanks to her and blogger.
And so, "the adventures of that girl" was born.  And the "that girl"...well I have a rather unique name and either no one can remember it, or pronounce it.  So often times it's, "what was that girl's name again?"  I figure this is easier and everyone can relate to being "that girl" in some form or another.

and so it begins...

 Its that time of year and everyone is talking about it...resolutions!! I have read countless posts and heard more than my share of those typical "lose weight, get on a budget, find love, blah blah blah" and after a few uncontrollable "yeah rights" and the just out and out laugh, realized that my resolution needed to be about growing as a person, not changing who I am...because honestly I kind of like "that girl"!  So this is where this blog story begins, "that girl" has decided to try something new, everyday. 

That's 365 days of adventures.  Whether it be something physical or mental, big or small, success or failure I'm going to share it with you.  Now, don't expect zip lining thru the Amazon or jet setting off to Europe to make the list, but do expect a great story as the girl next door...yeah that girl...tries something new, everyday.